Build Your Legendary Startup Team

The Right People, at the Right Time, on your Own Terms


Say goodbye to huge recruiting fees.

Say hello to your new startup team.

Hire with confidence

Higher quality hires

Half the cost

Hire with Confidence

Who needs recruiters? You got this! A custom playbook that walks you step-by-step through scaling your startup for success

Higher Quality Hires

Untappt's formula brings you higher quality candidates,  at a higher close rate, without the headaches

Half the Cost

Save your money for the launch party. Hire the talent you need for less than half of what it costs to work with recruiters

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Take Control of Your Most Critical Success Factor

because your people ARE your startup

They forgot to teach us how to hire at startup school. But how much of your startup's success do you really want to leave in the hands of external recruiters?

Untappt puts you in control

By giving you the tools, information and the support that you need to become a team-building machine on your own.

We'll help you define the right talent acquisition strategy for your company and show you how to find and hire the right candidates. All while decreasing your hiring costs and planning for your future.

Spend an Hour, Get your Recruiting Playbook

Complete our startup assessment and we'll send you your custom hiring playbook with the step-by-step on how to scale your startup for success.

Free Training & Toolkits

because thinking about building your team and ACTUALLY building your team are very different

Stop beating your head against the wall. We created these free resources because we want you to succeed, not just survive.

Why Untappt?

because we've hired over 4,000 employees for 60+ startups

We've trained thousands of executives on how to do it themselves. All while keeping our fingers on the pulse of the startup market.

Because you want to be one of the startups they tell success stories about:

We secured millions in VC funding and our marching order was to grow, grow, grow. Untappt quickly transformed our internal recruiting department into a human capital machine through vital guidance during a challenging time.

Daniel Marzinotto,
VP of Training & Development

Daniel Marzinotto