Stay Scrappy

You’re a smart and scrappy early stage startup getting ready to hire your first employees. You’ve likely realized you aren’t 100% sure how to navigate this team building thing and you discover nothing works. Resumes are dead. Craigslist is a wasteland. LinkedIn? Ha.

How do you find great people? And how do you know you’re hiring the right person for your team? That’s our expertise. Our Stay Scrappy package is the perfect solution for you if you’re determined to save money and execute yourself. You’ll spend one hour and get a package that sets you up for success beyond your expectations.


Startup Assessment

Stay Scrappy starts by you completing a form to let us know about your startup so that we can put together your custom playbook.

Custom Playbook

Your step-by-step guide to hiring with confidence will be delivered almost immediately after answering questions modeled for your success.

Personalized Training

During this 2-hour remote team training, we’ll teach you how to define your company’s talent acquisition strategy, find and hire the right candidates, decrease your hiring costs and plan for your future.

Exclusive community

24/7 access for support and advise from our Slack community

Client-only access

You’ll receive exclusive access to all new training and partnership deals.

Price: $1199