Genesis Package

We help you build everything you need from scratch and save you money.

How Do I Manage My Employees?

The Genesis package helps you pick the right systems for your team. Everything from managing their performance and

How Do I Pick Out Benefits For My Employees?

Attract employees with the best benefits in your budget. We can help you select benefits the need and answer any questions you have.

How Do I Pay Employees and What Do I Need?

Assistance with setting up payroll for your organization along with compliance.

How Do I Setup Company Policies?

Helping you with company policies that make sense and keep your organization running smoothly. We will help you with your employee handbook.

How Do I Hire People?

We will help you with all the systems and setups you need to attract people.

How Do I Build A Company Culture?

Establish a company culture that supports your company’s success. We will train you.

How Do I Save Money?

You’ll receive exclusive access to all new training and partnership deals. We will also help you build a plan that meets your budget.