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because nobody should have to fire their friends

Untappt is the first platform focused on growing startup teams simply and cost efficiently because we figured out how to do it better after years of trial and error.  We give you the confidence and expertise to KNOW how to make the right choices.

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say goodbye to recruiters

say hello to your new startup team


Custom playbook

Tell us about your startup and we'll give you the step-by-step for hiring with confidence


Personalized training

We'll teach you how to define your company's talent acquisition strategy, find and hire the right candidates, decrease your hiring costs and plan for your future. 


Exclusive community

Get access to our exclusive community for 24/7 support and advice.

Legendary Startup Team

because you'll need extraordinary people to help you build your dream
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Hire the Right People at the Right Time

because we know just what you need at each step of your journey

From DIY through partnering with us as your internal sourcing machine. Scale your startup for success with the package that's right for you:

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ready to hire your 1st employees

Great! Stay Scrappy with:

  • Startup assessment
  • Custom hiring playbook
  • Personalized training (2 hours)
  • Exclusive community
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scaling beyond initial employees

Scale Smart with:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Custom hiring playbook
  • Personalized training
  • Hiring strategy ideation & brainstorming session
  • Exclusive community
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High Growth

hiring like crazy

Get Tapped In with:

  • Everything in Scaling PLUS
  • On-Demand recruiting for your positions with Untappt as your internal sourcing machine

Get The Right Answers with the Right Systems

because we know how confusing it can be

Get your questions answered and learn what tools are right for you:

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Building What You Need From Scratch

You are getting ready to build your legendary startup team but you have some questions:

What do I need to pay my employees (besides money) and how do I pay them? 

How I can offer my employees' benefits and what benefits are right for me?

How do I create company policies and culture?

What systems do I need to hire new employees? 

What systems do I need to manage employees?

We can help you build it. 

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