The Untappt Story

Because we're on a mission to increase success rates
for early-stage and high growth startups

We're On a Mission

We are on a mission to increase success rates for early-stage and high growth startups.  And to enhance the startup employee’s experience to enable better fit, culture, and desire to stick around.

We all know hiring and successful team building is harder than expected. The realization typically comes AFTER taking on the responsibility. After building, advising, observing, and measuring hiring data over 70 startups, hiring over 4000 employees enabled us to understand there was a huge void that no one has been able to fill. Experiencing the heartache of startup failures, disheartened employees because they weren’t a good fit - sparked our need to solve WHY this is a startup-dream-killer, and how to fix it. The puzzle pieces came together with the realization there IS a way to take back control of the hiring conundrum. If not solved, startups miss out on 28% of their potential success.

When entrepreneurs don’t fully understand the people side of things, how can they be expected to build a winning team? The majority of founders are technology, product, or sales oriented (generalization) – so the team building part isn’t always intuitive. Naturally, we push things to the wayside we don’t understand.

Questions most common to startups on an uphill battle

  • Do you know your story?
  • Do you know why certain types of employees should be excited to join?
  • Do you know how to interview AND make the best decision?
  • Who DO we want?
  • When is it right to add new employees based on burn rate?

All of these things –and MUCH more are keys to your success.

If any of these questions have kept you up at night, you understand exactly why we built Untappt: to use the right process, tools, training, and so much more to create a winning team.

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Success in business is about people, people, PEOPLE.
Whatever industry a company is in, its’ employees are its’ biggest competitive advantage.

Richard Branson

Marie Burns

Marie Burns

Because she never stopped asking questions

“The moment Marie started talking, she never stopped asking questions or trying to figure out what makes people tick, even about why a person bought so many bananas” – Mom & Dad.

Marie is direct, honest, intuitive, and has an overwhelming passion to help startups build better teams, and enable founders to be recruiting and culture pros themselves. Expect nothing but direct truth and out-of-the-box thinking to solve seemingly impossible challenges with Marie.

... and she's helped build over 70 startups

Marie has helped build over 70 startups as an advisor, consultant, partner, or executive - many leading to acquisition, IPO, funding, and always happier teams.

... and talent acquisition is her passion

Marie's passion lies in the innate knowing that talent acquisition has to change, especially for startups and the people joining them. There is no doubt in her mind that startups are the future, and we need more of them to succeed.

Tanya Bourque


Because solving interesting challenges is her thing

"Tanya never started with a perfect answer, but always made it a point to solve whatever challenge thrown at her in the simplest way possible.” - Mom

... and she's hired over 2,000 people to-date

To-date, Tanya has hired over 2000 people. She advises and trains leaders nation-wide on how to effectively hire awesome teams starting from the top down.  She has a knack for understanding candidates and the culture of a company to deliver successful hires.

... and she gets sh*t done

Tanya prides herself on always taking action, efficiency, details, details, details combined with empathy, strategy, imagination and getting stuff done.  Tanya is an execution pro and ensures businesses are operationally effective.  Her passion for startups developed from the thrill she gets from watching companies grow and develop. She is also a technology enthusiast and programs on the side.

Tanya Bourque