Why People Are the Secret Ingredient at any Startup

People are the most important resource at any organization. For a startup, having the right team can determine your success. There are a ton of challenges in hiring the right people for your team. Just having someone who can do the job is not enough. The passion needs to there and someone who isn’t aligned with the mission won’t help the Startup be successful. The startup has to also be a fit for the talent it is looking to attract. Scaling up your team is a match-making process that is not only about the organization but about the people interested in joining the organization.

The founders of startups set the example for the entire startup. The passion comes from them and they pass that passion on to their teams. They are the ones who were at the Startup from the very beginning and gave birth to the organization. They are the ones who speak so passionately about their products or services. The founders set the tone for how people are treated and what the organization’s core values are. They are also the main representatives for the organization and often are the ones who help raise awareness when presenting their products or services to other organizations.

It is often not obvious to many organizations why having the right people on board at the right time are ingredients for success. Studies have found that organizations with a longer hiring process tend to lose out on the best talent in the market. The truth is A+ “rock stars” don’t wait around to be hired. They often receive multiple job offers when they are actively looking and they don’t stay on the market for long periods of time. They also will drop out of long hiring processes if they feel that it is over-extending them. A lot more needs to be done to cater to top talent; just talking about salary is not enough. Top talent wants to know about the projects and opportunities for growth within the organization. This is where you can influence them with what other team members find to be their passions within the organization.

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