How Do I Pay My First Employee?

If you’ve decided to grow your team and have decided to use Untappt, you’re likely excited to start your next big project. Having a quality team can help you take your small business startup to the next level without having to hire an expensive recruiter to tackle the necessary hiring process. Once you have created your team, it’s important to pay your employees on a regular basis. You may be wondering, how do you pay your first employee?

 Untappt has partnered with Gusto, an online payroll company. This service is suitable for working with employees in the short-term or the long-term, rather than on a “one project” basis.

 Gusto employs a team of knowledgeable and experienced accountants, so you don’t have to worry about tackling this necessary part of running a small business. In fact, it’s important to hire a payroll company in order to conform with state and federal tax laws. Even failure to declare an employee can get you in trouble with the Workers’ Compensation Board in your state, and serious fines can result.

Gusto is a payroll platform that was first created in 2011 by an under-30-year-old electrical engineer. While they’re located in San Francisco and Denver, they work with all 50 states.

Gusto currently has over 40,000 small business clients. You can feel confident that they’re knowledgeable about differing payroll and tax laws in each state. In fact, if your business operates in more than one state, you can free up a lot of time by letting Gusto tackle this aspect of your business, instead of having a payroll department in each location.

 What you’ll love about Gusto is that they treat humans as people, not commodities. You’ll appreciate how our partner, Gusto, enjoys working with small businesses. Sure, they could have decided to work with medium- or corporate-sized businesses, but didn’t.

 They acknowledge that treating people as valuable members of your team has its benefits. It helps to improve quality of life, and gets people excited for working on the teams that you have built through Untappt.

 This is just one of the reasons why we started our partnership with Gusto.

 If you’re new to Gusto and want to learn how it works before you decide, the first month is free. There are also differing plans that start as low as $39 per month, but never more than $149 per month. There are also minimal fees per employee that you need to pay through Gusto. Ask us about our partner discounts. 

Gusto can tackle not just basic payroll and taxes, but health benefits and Workers’ Comp administration too. The higher plans give access to an employee portal where workers can log in and manage their time off requests.

 There is also a great HR Resource Center and dedicated support to help you out.

 If you’re a Startup who’s ready to hire your first employee, sign up for Gusto and see how simple it is see your employees get paid on time.