Why is HR Planning Important to a Startup?

When you’re starting a compnay there can be numerous tasks that must be done. Do you really think you can handle them all? These may include everything from finding a business location, to applying for business licenses, and tax accounts. You’ll have to figure out how to best serve customers and find sources of software, hardware, and products. The business will need to be promoted.

 The office will need to be furnished, and you’ll need to find employees, and tackle payroll. And that’s just in the first week. HR planning is important to a startup for one main reason—you have the help you need to complete your business tasks.

HR–Human Resources–planning is essential when you’re creating your business. It should cover your goals and the responsibilities of your business. You’ll need to recruit talented staff, and figure out how to look after their payroll and benefits. You’ll also need to plan employee training programs and administer employee policies. Government compliance may also be required with taxes and insurance, and with other laws.

 It can be difficult for a business to grow without having the staff in place. Recruiting the best talent can be one of the single most important aspects of HR planning. Not only do you want the best people, but you want them to stay.

 To begin, you’ll need to first review your company’s goals and figure out staffing requirements. Often the owner or manager of a business has set duties that will fill up their days, and will need to assign other duties to their staff that they have no time to do.

 A good HR plan needs to also include budget restrictions and an understanding of knowing what is fair pay in the marketplace.

 You’ll also need to figure out where to find good workers. You can place advertisements or attend job fairs. You can hire recruiters to do the process for you, though this is often an expensive process that many small business startups can’t afford. There are other options, including Untappt.

 Once you’ve hired your new staff, you’ll need to figure out a way to train them and figure out how efficient they are in their jobs. This can be done through an employee handbook, and giving them a job description that lists all their roles in the company.

 It may include an employee performance review after one week, two weeks, and regular intervals, until they have completed the probation process.

 As your company grows you may need to hire a human resources manager. If you’ve hired your staff through Untappt, this platform does this for you.

 You’ll want to also focus on the experience and skills that your potential employee might have. No two people will be the same. You’ll want to be assured that they can do the job that they’ve been assigned to.

 It can be a long process to do your HR planning, so that’s why Untappt is here to help you. We can ease the process of hiring, so that you have the staff you need, as your business begins to grow.