How to Hire Quality Employees Like A Pro

Candidate Sourcing: How to Hire Good Employees Like A Pro

Why is hiring good employees so important?

One of the biggest obstacles that faces most new businesses is building a quality team to help the company continue to grow. Today, most industries are pretty competitive as there are fewer and fewer niches to fill. Many companies are choosing to differentiate themselves with their quality of service and products in addition to catering to their target market’s unique needs. To develop a reputation of quality that will help your company compete and keep customers coming back, it is essential to hire good employees of equal quality. Quality of product and service is also an essential aspect of customer retention and referrals. If you want customers to come back and tell others about your product or service, your team must provide something worth remembering. In other words, each hiring decision that you make is crucial to the future of your company.

How do I implement a quality hiring plan?

Many top hiring agencies and professionals are implementing a hiring strategy called “candidate sourcing”. According to an article by our partners at Lever, “involves proactively searching for and engaging qualified talent to fill your company’s current or future positions.” In other words, candidate sourcing involves reaching out to the most qualified candidates firsts, whether they are actively looking for a new opportunity or not. The same article by Lever states that, “only 36 percent of the workforce is actively looking for a new opportunity at any given time, but an incredible 90 percent is willing to talk and learn more.” This powerful hiring technique opens up a much larger pool of qualified candidates.

What are the keys to effective candidate sourcing?

Conceptually, candidate sourcing makes a lot of sense. However, putting this method into practice may be a bit trickier. Here are some of the keys to effective candidate sourcing:

Use your networks.

Your network is a great source for finding qualified candidates. Contacting colleagues, former employers, vendors, and other individuals that are directly in your network can turn up some quality candidates that would make good employees. This is a great place to start, because you’re most likely already working within the industry that your company is operating in. This means that most candidates you come across via your direct networks will be in the industry already and have the prior knowledge to make them effective quickly at your company.

Contact past applicants.

Digging into your archives of past applicants is another great way to effectively practice candidate sourcing to find good employees. Chances are, you’ve already spent some time researching and analyzing these candidates so why not try to make one or two stick to optimize your ROI? In addition, if these candidates were looking for a new position fairly recently, it is likely that it will be easier to get them to switch companies thus saving your company some money in salary and moving expenses. If you chose to keep an applicant’s information, they probably had some good qualifications. With a little time, a mediocre candidate can blossom into the perfect employee. Lever’s article also suggests that companies give potentially promising candidates feedback, because “talent is four times more likely to consider [a] company for a future opportunity when you offer constructive feedback.”

Don’t get stuck on a role.

As a startup or small business, your company is likely looking for more than one position to be filled. When you’re reaching out to candidates that you have sourced for a particular position, it is a good idea to keep the other positions that you have open in the back of your mind. Some candidates may not be perfectly suited for the role they originally applied for, however, there may be a similar role at the company that they would excel in. For example, a candidate may apply for a product management role, but after chatting with the candidate, you may see that he or she would make a wonderful sales person at the same company.

Create an effective message.

Communicating the role responsibilities and qualifications as well as the culture of your company is very important to candidate sourcing. This is especially true for very qualified employees who are somewhat happy at their current company. Remember, these highly qualified candidates most often not seeking you out. It’s your job to quickly and effectively communicate why a switch to your company would benefit them. Creating an effective message that details the benefits of your company as well as the role in question is essential to turning any sourced candidates into employees.

Be prepared to pay up.

The competition for top-tier talent is high. For this reason, it is especially important to be ready to onboard a new, high-quality candidate correctly. This means that you have to be able to build in a competitive salary, benefits plan, and training costs into your yearly budget to support this new quality employee. In addition to a message that effectively communicates your company’s culture, great candidates won’t just talk to anyone. They want to talk to someone who can improve their situation in both quality of life and in their finances.

What should I do if I need help with effectively sourcing good employees?

Although candidate sourcing can be an extremely effective way to build the perfect team, it can be time consuming. Untappt offers an array of different tools and resources to help you on your candidate sourcing journey. You can take a look at Untappt’s different hiring packages for a startup of any size here and as well as our Human Resource solutions here. Contact Untappt today to find out how we can take your hiring to the next level by building your legendary team!