Why Does My Business Need an Employee Handbook?

If you’re managing a startup or small business, it’s unlikely you have taken any thought to creating an employee handbook. It can seem like a big chore, but it can also provide a guideline that can defray any disputes that your employee may have with an organization. It can also be a guideline on what is expected of the employee, how the reporting process works, and generally how benefits and time off works.

Here are 7 reasons why you should start working on one before you hire your first employee through Untappt.

1. Explains mission and values. Your new employee wants to know what it is that sets you apart from your competitors. This is information that they can use to better serve your clients. It should include your mission statement and your company’s values and ethics.

2. What’s expected of employees. They need to know how to complete their time sheets and how breaks, lunches, and time off works. It can be a source of reference for when they have questions about how vacation pay or absence works. It can save you time, as they can simply look in the book first.

3. Duties of management and leaders.
It’s important that management and leaders work effectively together. An employee needs to know the functions of management, so they know who to go to when they have questions or concerns about specific business topics.

4. Company policies are consistent. It can be confusing to base company policies on the here say of other workers, or from emailed information. When a policy is laid out in the handbook there can be no dispute. It may also list expected behavior, including anti-harassment laws and pay equity. If there are any concerns, a contact point will be given.

5. Lists company benefits. Employees often qualify for benefits after probation, or receive pay raises after specific lengths of time. This compensation should all be laid out in an employee handbook that can be referred to. Other benefits such as insurance, vacation, and paid time off should also be covered in the manual. It’s important to have your benefits listed prominently in order to attract the best employees and to retain them.

6. State and federal compliance. Even though your company is operating in a specific state, there are certain policies that must be followed per state or federal law. Displaying this prominently in the handbook will show that you are compliant with all laws, rights, and obligations, including those concerning maternity leave, military leave, disability leave, and more.

7. Decreases employee claims. When employees have a good source of information they can refer to, it will decrease the likelihood of disputes. It will also give them a source of where to turn to for help.

We hope that your experience with Untappt is a good one, and that you find the best employees to work with your small business. They’ll appreciate having a good employee handbook that they can refer to when needed.