10 Interview Questions You Should Ask Each Candidate

Hiring your first employee can be a tricky process. You want the right person for the job, but you may not be concerned about skills or experience when you expect that they’ll need to be trained in the specifics of your business anyway. Often asking the right interview questions will help you determine how quickly they can comprehend what you’re asking, solve problems, and provide a thoughtful and engaging answer.

Here are 10 interview questions that you should ask each of your candidates before choosing the right one.

  1. Choose the one skill that makes you more qualified for this position than other candidates. The potential candidate will provide you the answer so you don’t need to do all the work.

    2. What is the most professional achievement that you are proud to brag about?

    Is it an achievement that will work to your benefit in the business?

    3. Tell me about one time that you had a challenge and how you overcame it.

    This shows how well a candidate can do problem-solving.

    4. What is your working style?

    This will tell you if your candidate is suited to your fast-paced business environment, and how creative or organized they are.

    5. Tell me in only 3 words what your ideal working environment would be?

    Think about the 3 words that you would describe for your ideal working environment and see if they align.

    6. After I hire you, what would be your first task?

    You want to know they are self-starters.

    7. If you have no assigned duties what would be your next step?

    You want to know that your candidate can scope out the needs of a business without asking for what they should do next.

    8. Tell me why you didn’t try to work it out with your worst employer ever.

    This will tell you why your employee left a bad job and how easily they give up.

    9. How do you plan on overcoming your biggest weakness?

    Everyone has a weakness. It’s good to know that your employee is open to learning and education.

    10. If you could go back to school right now, what would you study?

    This gives you a clue into the future goals of your potential employee. Is the schooling something that will be related to your business? Perhaps you can support their education, then when they graduate, they can enter a new role in your business.

There is often no right or wrong answers with these questions. Are they a well-grounded person, or do they live in fantasy? It’s important to figure out what their futures plans may be.

Your main goal is to screen for the best candidate that can think on their feet and solve problems quickly.

You want to hire the candidate who is fascinated with your business, possessed the skills and experience required, and truly wants to be a valuable team member of your new business startup. Good luck!