10 HR Documents Every Startup Needs

If you’ve just created your new business startup, there are plenty of tasks you need to complete for your HR department. You may be ready to hire your first employee and need to create an employee handbook, while figuring out how you’re going to hire the best employee.

 Regardless of whether you’re hiring an HR platform such as Untappt to handle your recruiting for you or tackling HR yourself, you still need several HR documents to help you manage the HR aspect of your business.

Here are the top 10 HR documents that every startup needs.

1. Federal Form W-4. This is for tax withholding that your employee must fill out and that you need to send in.

2. Form I-9. This form verifies that your employee can legally work in the USA. You don’t need to mail it in, but keep it on file in case an NHS inspector asks to see it.

3. Timesheet. In order to know how many hours your employee worked, you need a reliable way for them to write down their hours, breaks, lunch, and if they have worked overtime. They will also need to record sick days, vacation days, and holidays. Time sheet software is the best method as it can integrate with your payroll system.

4. Job application form. This is for new candidates who are interested in working for your company. It should contain information that can be verified, including previous jobs, time spans, education, and references.

5. State withholding and registration. This is a new state hire notification system that allows them to track child support payments, and may be a requirement in your state.

6. Employee handbook. This provides guidelines to employees and management about every aspect of your company, from job duties, to company policies, values, and ethics.

7. Employment offer letter. When you find the perfect candidate you’ll want to write up an offer letter for them. Keep a template handy so you don’t have to start from scratch for each new recruit. You can plug the pertinent information into each required field.

8. Confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality agreement provides protection if the employee is exposed to sensitive information related to health records, finances, criminal records, or other concerns. It also keeps your employee form sharing valuable information with your competitors or the media

9. Criminal record check form. If your business is retail-oriented, or involves working with children, your employee needs to undergo a background check. Keep these forms on hand for your new hires.

10. Employment contract. This outlines the terms of employment between the new recruit and the employer. It should include job duties, salary, and benefits. Both the employee and the employer need to sign it.

 You can find HR documents at Untappt, or download from the IRS website. Now that you have collected them together, this is one task you can cross off your list. Now you’ll be prepared for every aspect of your Human Resources hiring process. Keep in mind, Untappt can help you automate your process and become paperless.